Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year's 2009!!!

Well our lil family had a fun and exciting week. We picked up Justin's daughter and her sister from the airport Wednesday just in time for New Year's Eve. They stayed at our house until yesterday when we took them back to their mom's house. Pickles was in heaven with the girls there to play with and man was he worn out when they left! He had plenty of fun times to run around and chase them around the house. He also liked having other laps to nap on! He also got more Christmas presents from his Grandma Lonnie and Grandma Joleta. He loved his new candy cane rawhide bones and could NOT stop chewing on his first one. Anytime he stopped to play he came right back and even forgot where he put it a few times and would wander through the house looking for it! He had fun and so did we!

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